June 24-27, 2019


June 25 - Playday (K-Grade 3) + BBQ--Hawaiian Theme

June 26 - Playday rain date

If there is NO playday -- we will send a portion of our day playing board and card games together -- bring in your favourite game to share!

June 27 - Canada Day Activities

June 27- Last day of classes for the 2018-2019 school year! Reports go home!

June 27 - Kindness Project Author - Sandra Wilson returns to ICRPS to launch our eXcited Xerus book. I will be using the remainder of our cookbook proceeds to ensure each student receives a copy of their book :) 

All week - Continue to read and log regularly (Aim for at least 4x per week) 

All week - each day after school, respond in planner to the prompt -- Today I smiled when.......


Make it a goal to READ at least 4x each week :) Students should be completing approximately 1 reading log each month.

Reading Logs are always available in the classroom-- REMEMBER TO IMPROVE AT ANYTHING YOU NEED TO PRACTISE!!!! 

Our classroom website will be updated prior to the beginning of each week. Please take a peek with your child each Monday to keep in touch with what is happening in Room 205.

Your child's team includes:

Mrs. Chopra (gym, drama, dance, health)

Madame Stratton (French)

Mrs. Louzon (Music)

Mrs. Chopra (Primary Resource)

Last "short" week! The emotions are definitely mixed. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your child's Grade 3 year --- such a great group!

This week will be spent wrapping up units, reading some favourite selections, reviewing through games, collaborating and making memories!

Enjoy a fantastic summer! Thanks again!

If you have any questions or concerns at anytime throughout the school year, don't hesitate call me at the school @ 519-352-3137 ext. 44519 and leave a message OR by email my classroom account @ Mrskgoldsmith@hotmail.com

Please help your child to form the important habit of reading for 15-20 minutes at least 4xa week. They are asked to record information about their selections EACH TIME on home reading logs which should be stored in their blue communication folders. Students will always be able to bring home a selection from their individual book bin if they choose using their personalized book bags. There will be NO formal book exchange this year, however, I will be checking home reading logs regularly. Your child is encouraged to read selections of interest from a variety of sources including the public library, computer websites, apps, magazines and favourites from their own home library. We will review these procedures further at school. Thank you for your support!

Keep reading! Our goal is at least 4x a week for 15 minutes.

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